Arche wireless Microphone systems are designed with one goal in mind – Efficient Connectivity. What you get is a stable and reliable RF connectivity right out of the box. With its wide operating frequency range 522-936MHz and RF boost (40mW) in the entire UHF spectrum, these wireless microphones give flexibility and long working range.  Whether it’s a seminar hall, a live stage, or a classroom, working with Arche Wireless systems is a cake walk.

AFS (Automatic Frequency Selection)

Press the “AFS” (Auto Frequency Selection) button 3 sec and the receiver will auto-scan and lock on to an open, interference-free frequency.

Compatible systems

Maximum 24 sets can be used simultaneously by using multiple frequency bands in one venue.

IR Infrared Sync

Press [IR] button to automatically pair the receiver frequency with the transmitter.

Full Band Transmitter

134MHz full band transmitter allows pairing with the receiver irrespective of frequency band.


PLL (Phase Lock Loop frequency control) design ensures transmission reliability, “NoiseLock”squelch effectively blocks stray RF.

Energy Conservation

Low RF power mode gives twice the battery life of up to 14 hours*. (On AA Alkaline Batteries)