Dante Audio Transmission

The Dante technology from Audinate provides smooth and hassle-free digital audio transmission over the local area networks.

Dante-enabled devices can share multiple channels of high-resolution digital audio with each other over a local area network.

Acoustic Echo Cancellation

The Keyer Series of DSP have advanced AEC algorithms to create much faster echo or double talk eliminations and thereby providing a disturbance-free Intelligent voice quality.

Advanced Audio Processing

Keyer DSPs boast much-needed algorithms like

  • ANS(Automatic Noise Suppression)
  • AFC (Adaptive Feedback Control)
  • AGC (Automatic Gain Control) to provide you with a comprehensible audio output.

PowerfulMotherboard Chip

TI456MHz ARM9 Dual Core processor is one of the most reliable chip for high performance multi-tasking programs

USB Audio Interface

The Bi-directional USB Codec in Keyer DSPs makes Software-based Video Conferencing compatibility super easy and user friendly.


Keyer Series of Audio Processors have a very diversed audio functions to offer that make them a centerpiece in various applications