What Makes Us Erthpot

We are a brand with creativity, technology, craftness and socio-responsibility. We make Audio products that add value to your life.
Our Core Foundation

What Sets Us Apart from Any Other AV Manufacturer Across the Globe

Passion For Manufacturing Best Audio Products!

We aim to provide products created under the strict observation of our audio experts.

We strive to bring positive change. Our vision is to create a brand that emits sustainability and values it in every breath.

Years of Research by The Expert
of Audio Industry!

Our team has inspired many young people to take the hard path of building brand equity

The team had designed products with well-researched data, making them better than the current competition.

Our Responsibility Towards Environment & Ecology

The AV industry produces a lot of E-Waste which not only pollutes the environment but is equally toxic for different life forms. We at Erthpot, focus on building sustainable products.

We try to minimize the peripheral waste produced during the manufacturing of our products, making us more environment-friendly.

Better Technology & Innovation in Audio manufacturing Industry

The ecosystem for electronics manufacturing in India is still in its nascent stage. Finding the right parts suppliers and OEM designers is difficult as of now. Luckily in the software and embedded design part, India has a huge pool of talented engineers.

We are constantly improving the quality of vendors and service providers to develop better products that stand out in the global market.

Our Team

Vijay Sinha

Director – Sales & Marketing

Vijay Sinha is a Professional in the field of Pro-audio system design, installation & training. He takes care of Sales & Brand promotion needs in the company. Since he is passionate about music he tries to make sure that every product Pink Noise Professionals sells, makes a purpose for customers’ needs. He loves to travel and explore different cuisines, so if you are a foodie he can be very good company.

Vikram Yadav

Director – Finance & Operations

Vikram Yadav is the person who ensures smooth operations and finances in the company. With loads of experience in dealer management & import regulations, he tries to bring every aspect of the distribution business a smooth reality. He is super enthusiastic about the company’s growth and his work responsibility makes him a very easy person to talk to.

Shailesh Awasthi

Director- Sales & Technical

A thorough Live sound engineer, with more than 15 years of experience he knows and understands the hard challenges of managing a professional audio system. Shailesh is known for making intrinsic details about the job that he is into. He makes sure that the customers don’t face any trouble with the solutions offered by Erthpot. Shailesh is a Calm personality and keeps high values toward a work-life balance.

Heena Golani

General Manager

Heena is a passionate, young, and dynamic professional working in the AV industry for the last 5 years. She has skills that many people dream of. A Company Secretariat by qualification and a CADD design specialist as well which is very rare to find. She is working as General Manager (Business Planning) in the organization and helping the team to make way for a brighter future.