Your Truly Indigenous Audio Technology Brand

Erthpot is an indigenous Make in India initiative to provide world-class audio technologies to users across the world. The company imbibes the values of being grounded, humble and honest with our customers, giving us the name “Erthpot”.



Our never-ending passion for developing the best technology for audio industry.



Developing nature friendly sustainable technology for our users to have a better experience



We strive to improve & attain betterment of our team



We explore opportunities to make your experience better

What Makes UsThe Most Innovative Brand in Audio Industry

We are a brand with creativity, technology, craftiness and socio responsibility. We make Audio products that add value to your life.


Uncompromised Quality

Erthpot products are designed & made with the highest quality of components available for that segment.


Audio Consulting

The tech team of Erthpot ensures that the customers know and understand the technology behind our products


User Experience

Since Erthpot is into simplify complex audio applications, the softwares & systems designed by Erthpot team ensure smooth operations & easy to learn


Research & Development

The design team constantly looks out for better solutions n products which can increase reliability and durability of our products.


Brand Credibility

Erthpot products are certified for quality & aspirations. The various certificates we hold like StartUp India, Make in India, UDYAM & ISO speak for our commitment.


Knowledge Sharing

Erthpot believes in sharing the knowledge. We always look for opportunities to share insights n techniques of Audio technologies to our partners & friends

The Story of Erthpot

The idea of founding Erthpot is interesting. In the cold winter of 2018, We started discussing the current scenario of the AV Industry in India. The team understood the root cause of Indian customers’ lack the trust and understanding of the new products launched in the industry.

Foreign goods had more faith, while Indian products, which are cost-effective and better quality, are not a willing option. This led to the foundation of a brand, which is entirely indigenous, and connected to mother earth. We had seen this dream in 2018 that one Indian brand would be made and would profoundly impact the industry. Finally, Erthpot started with great passion in 2022 by Heena Golani, Vikram Yadav, Vijay Sinha & Shailesh Awasthi, and we firmly believe this brand will soon take its position in the AV market.

We wanted to create a brand that emits sustainability and value in its every breath. Since knowledge is limitless, we tried to develop our brand logo, which connects with something infinite.

We come from a land of innovation, technology, and advancement, where mother earth is given the utmost regard. Our mother earth fulfills our most basic needs, and even in the era of RO and technology, Earthen pots are still considered an essential part of our household. Also, it should reflect our core values towards sustainability. To merge all these thoughts, the name “Erthpot. “

Shaping The Future Technology!

Erthpot has the aspiration and a skilled team of engineers who work dedicatedly to make our audio products imbibe the technology and features, which the world has eagerly looked for!

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